Configuration / Examples

After you have installed the extension you will be able to setup your new promotions with ease, simply visit the Shopping Cart Price Rules and 'Add a New Rule'

If you are not familiar with setting up standard Shopping Cart Rules please refer to this guide before proceeding 

You can setup Conditions if required but most of our examples do not require this, the main configuration area is within the Actions tab. 

Select the option 'Zero1-Auto Free Gift' (as per the image below)

To give the option of an Auto Free Gift set the following as - 
  • Discount Amount : 100
  • Maximum Qty Discount is Applied To : 0
  • Discount Qty Step (Buy X) : 0

How do I restrict what the promotion will work on?

This is the important part of the Free Gift promotion configuration and where the 'freebie' gets added. Navigate to the Actions tab at the left hand side.

The example below will restrict this promotion to add the specific product specified as the Auto Free Gift. For this example we are going to use SKU.

NB:You can use any attribute in Magento to restrict your promotion in the same way you would with standard Magento rules. Just ensure that within Attributes > Manage Attributes, the attributes that you wish to use for promotion rules, this tab is set to yes. Example below -