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IR Connect Intelligent Retail Connect Multichannel

You can install this extension by visiting our IR Connect - Intelligent Retails Connect Multichannel. If you are not familiar with installing extensions via Magento Connect please refer to this guide

This extension allows you to integrate your Intelligent Retail ePos system using the Connect Multichannel. 

Some features include:
  • - The extension would create the Magento products for every product that has been edited in IR within the last 7 days (this limitation is in place so Magento is only informed of new changes). This can be triggered by saving products in IR (product images will also be created if they exist in IR).
  • - Products automatically update, but can also be * overridden in Magento if required
  • - Product images will also be created in Magento if they exist in IR
  • - Stock is updated frequently to Magento to avoid overselling
  • - Orders are sent back to Intelligent Retail once placed in Magento (and new orders are created as they come in)
  • - Due to the way the module has been designed, any product value can be overridden in Magento and maintained, or the Intelligent Retail ePos can always 'master' the data.
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