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Translating EU Cookie Text

Steps taken to translate text on the front end of your website using Translate Inline in your Magento Admin System

1 - In the Admin Panel, select System > Configuration
2 - If you have different foreign stores - navigate to the left hand corner and click on the dropdown menu and set the store view you wish to make amendments in. 
3 - Navigate down the left hand side and at the bottom of the page click on > Developer 
4 - Visit http://whatismyipaddress.com/ and copy your IP Address 
5 - Back on the Developer tab within the admin system, select Developer Client Restrictions 
6 - Paste your IP Address in the Allowed IP’s box (this allows for changes to be made on the front end of the website without customers seeing any interference when browsing the site) 
7 - Click Save Config 
8 - Select Translate Inline and change Enabled for Frontend to Yes 
9 - When all these actions have been performed, the front end of the website should have red boxes around content areas

You are now ready to translate content on the front end of the website - anything that is sat within a red box can be altered within the website.

1 -The preferred browser to use when translating on the front end is FireFox
2 - Hover within the red box you would like to amend and a small open book icon will appear. Click on the icon. 
3 - Ensure that you have TICKED the tick box for store view specific if you operate different stores 
4 - Add your new text in the text field box and click submit 
5 - Once you are back to the website screen, click F5 to refresh the page and the changes should appear. 
6 - Finally, always remember to switch Enabled for Frontend back to No when you have completed your amends.