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Smooth Move SEO 301 Redirect Handler


Installing the extension is simple, the free version allows you to try the software out on Magento Community or Enterprise, simply visit the Smooth Move SEO 301 Redirect Handler extension page on Magento Connect.

If you are not familiar with installing Free Magento extensions please refer to this guide


There are several important but relatively simple steps to configuring the system. Firstly, you need a spreadsheet to manage the URL redirections.

  1. Create a Google Spreadsheet
    You can open this example spreadsheet and make a copy (File > Make a Copy)
    You may already have a spreadsheet ready or simply import data into this document from Google Webmaster Tools.
    The document layout is very simply, put the Old URL in column 1, and the 301 redirect URL (where you want the page to redirect to) in column 2 (see below example).

  2. Once you have your redirects organised, you need to connect the Google Spreadsheet with Magento.
  1. In your Google Doc, click 'File > Publish to the web...'
  2. Click 'Start Publishing'  - if you do not see this or see 'Stop Publishing', this is fine your document is already published
  3. Under 'Get a link to the published data' select 'CSV' in the first pull-down menu, then simply copy the link provided in the box.
Configuring Magento
  1. In your Magento Admin, click 'System > Configuration'
  2. Select your main store view (see image right)
  3. You will then see 'SEO Redirect' option appear under the CATALOG options on the left.
  4. Here you can turn on SEO Redirect and paste the Google URL in which you copied in step 3 (see image below).
  5. Although this extension will load your URLs automatically every day, you can test this or run it manually by visiting 'Catalog > SEO Redirects > Manage Redirections' 

PLEASE NOTE!!! : If you have purchased a license to allow more than 50 URLs to be supported, you will need to enter this license key for each domain at the store level - this option will appear (see image below) when the store level is selected

If you have any issues at this point please email us at support@zero1.co.uk and we will assist with any issues, or simply refer to our trouble-shooting guide.


Please note that this extension does not currently work with Google Drive or Apps accounts, the authentication mechanism is completely different for Google Apps and we are looking at supporting this in July 2013.